Bonfire, John McCrae 's war horse

Susan Raby-Dunne

Lives in the foothills of southwestern Alberta where her obsession with WWI generally, and John McCrae, specifically, continues. She is a mother, historian, composer, poet, screenwriter, world traveler and three-decades-plus motorcycle enthusiast.

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Susan Raby-Dunne

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Bonfire - The Chestnut Gentleman

The true story of John McCrae's journey through WWI, as told by his war horse, Bonfire. -by Susan Raby-Dunne ©2012

About the Book

Based on real events, this is the story of a bond between a soldier and a horse that could not be broken. It's also a story of the war that shaped Canada, and the powerful true events behind the writing of the poem, In Flanders Fields. The book contains 25 archival photos, including one never before published of John McCrae.

What others are saying

I'm all misty-eyed. Just finished reading Bonfire - I loved it! The writer has done an amazing job. The equine point of view felt realistic, believable and fun. I found the story very touching. One can tell how much research is behind this. I certainly learned a lot. Younger readers will surely be affected emotionally by details of the war. Fortunately there's humour liberally thrown in to ease the serious subject matter.

--Paula Kroeker, BSc, Millarville, Alberta

As I began reading it, my mind flew back to my boyhood experience of reading Anna Sewell's "Black Beauty," and what a gripping hold that tale held on my mind. "Black Beauty" was much longer than this book but, in places, the vivid narrative about the battlefield disasters, the military bureaucracy wanting to deprive commissioned medics (of) the use of horses, and the ghastly suffering of combatants was just as compelling.

--Ralph Hancox - one-time editor of Reader's Digest Canada and latterly, the President and CEO.

Susan Raby-Dunne, author of The Bonfire Book

About the publisher and author

This is the second book from MMWG, a small, Alberta publishing group, and the second book by historian, writer and composer, Susan Raby-Dunne. Bonfire - The Chestnut Gentleman has almost seven years of research behind it as Raby-Dunne followed John McCrae’s footsteps from his birthplace in Guelph, Ontario to Salisbury Plain, England and the fields of Flanders in France and Belgium.